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Where do you start with E&L? They are both known as 'Entertainment and Leisure' and underwritten by 'Equine and Livestock, and for years they have specialised in low premium, niche contracts such as camera equipment, pet insurance, musical equipment, wedding insurance and, of course, caravan insurance.

Their caravan insurance premiums can be extremely competitive but, for static caravan insurance the security requirements should be noted. We do not quote rates online.

It is a condition precedent to the liability of the Company that:
1. The holiday caravan when left unattended, unoccupied or occupied overnight must have
all doors, windows and other openings left closed, properly fastened and be securely locked
with keys removed. Any alarms must be maintained in good order and put into effective
operation. Windows in occupied bedrooms may be left open for ventilation.
2. The holiday caravan must be kept on a site that is licensed and which is supervised by
the site owner, his/her agent, full time warden or other employee who is permanently on
3. All cooking and heating appliances must be properly maintained, inspected and serviced
annually by CORGI or NICEIC registered contractors.
4. The holiday caravan must be securely anchored to a firm and solid base at each corner.
Corner steadies must be cleaned and greased annually to guard against corrosion.
5. While the holiday caravan is unoccupied during the period from 1st October to 31st
March (or from the date of site closing if earlier), all mains supplies must be turned off and
the water and central heating systems must be drained.
6. All portable items and electrical goods worth �250 or more must be removed when the
holiday caravan is unoccupied.

The company offer either a single premium or (with extra benefits) a monthly policy. Customers should note that by a strange quirk, the monthly policy is based on a lunar month and there are therefore 13 of them in the year. This makes the monthly policy 30% more expensive.

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