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Summary of differences between 'Drewe' & 'Spectrum' Policies

(This only applies if you are considering a caravan insurance quote through either of them.)

Policy Section



Loss or Damage to the Caravan and Equipment  Includes Awnings  Excludes Awnings

Awning Replacement as new
( up to 7 years old)

 Not available  Available for a fixed fee
New for old cover on caravan

1 or 5 years from new

Contents Cover (300 s.a.l - excludes bikes) Included automatically 25% of sum
insured for caravan & equipment
 Optional - must be requested
Liability to the public 2,000,000 2,000,000
Alternative accommodation if caravan is
unacceptable following a claim.
50 per day up to 1,500 25 per day up to 750
Continental use 180 days in any one year
(Unless European option requested)
60 days in any one year
Excess 75 other than for liability
Additional 200 excess available
75 excess other than for liability
Legal Expenses re ownership/ use of caravan Provided Free Additional premium required
Hobby, Roma, Lord Munsterland, Tabbert Unacceptable Unacceptable

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Static caravan insurance

Static caravan insurance is offered both on the Spectrum and the Drewe policies. If you want information on static caravan insurance in general look at our static caravan insurance information page with details of cover and exclusions.

(Drewe underwrite the Spectrum caravan insurance policy, but the cover provided is slightly worse and as such the price is slightly cheaper.)