On the web site are details of various policies such as travel, accident/sickness and redundancy, private medical insurance, caravan, marine - often with prices quoted. Usually there is a link to a contact form particular to the class of business. These forms are used for quotation purposes only and submission does not compel acceptance of the contract nor put you on cover (unless credit card details are provided and we confirm cover to you. Often a manual proposal form is needed. You will also see various pictures.

Provides information about cover on a policy. It may be a link to a special
page or there may be details of cover provided next to it.
Warns about policy exclusions or limitations of cover.
Is found with information giving help or advice of a general nature
Relates to price. This may give comments as to possible discounts
loadings or may be a link to a page with rates on it
This is usually a link to a form for application for a specific contract
This is usually a link to a page offering a selection of policies
  • If there is a link the picture will change if you hover over it - try it.
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This picture is found at the top of most pages. In many cases this is the link to our home page or that of our two organisations.