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Extended Warranty for your TV and other consumer goods

Our extended warranty insurance covers your TV and other household appliances. Up to 5 appliances ranging from TV to washers to video game consoles can be covered per policy! We can cover a consumer's plasma TV and LCD TV providing the purchase cost is less than 2,000 and the TV is less than 8 years old.

Summary of our extended warranty policy. (Also see key facts leaflet)

The extended warranty policy provides extended cover against mechanical or electrical breakdown of domestic appliances. 

This extended cover is available for appliances that are over 1 year old  but less than 8.

This warranty is a multi-appliance warranty. This means that you may have up to 5 appliances on the one warranty policy. A cheaper option to cover 3 items only is now available

The basic monthly premium for this warranty is 10.08.(7.06 for the 3-appliance product) An additional 1.06 per month is required to extend the warranty for each: Plasma television, LCD Television, Range Cookers (AGA's not acceptable), American Style Fridge-Freezers and combined washers/dryers.

There is a 40 excess on this warranty. This means that if you claim under this warranty you will have to pay the first 40 of the repairs.


Regular service must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations as failure to comply with this may jeopardise your claim or cover.

All claims must be notified within 30 days of the breakdown (as defined in the policy wording) and no repairs are to commence until the claims office has given authorisation.

If the cause of the breakdown is uncertain, investigation, exploratory or dismantling work may be necessary. If this reveals that the failure is covered by your policy and the claim is duly authorised, then we will pay the associated costs, subject to the policy excess.

There is no cover for items breaking down for the first 28 days after the policy is taken out.

There will be a charge if you are not available for an agreed pre-arranged repair appointment.

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