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Landlord Home emergency cover for landlords and property owners

If you are a landlord then we can provide home emergency cover - including the boiler in the let property for an annual premium of £69.00 providing the property insurance is also with us. Click here for a free quote. (We can insure a £150,000 property from £122.31 including IPT and policy fee and there are extra discounts for portfolio insurance (3+ properties) - £1,000,000 total sum insured from £610.56 including IPT)

Landlord emergency cover: Benefits

About the service itself:

  • Up to £500 of cover per incident - including callout, parts and labour with a total cover of £1,000 a year

  • Unlimited number of claims - there are no limits to the number of times you can claim

  • No policy excess to pay -  unlike many competitors who may ask for £50 or more before they will turn up.

  • No bills to pay - we settle direct with the engineer or contractor

  • Emergency Help line - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - even on Christmas Day

  • Boilers are covered. Boilers up to 15 years old from start date and will be covered for breakdown as long as the cover is renewed

  • A 14 day initial exclusion period applies if you do not have current cover.

  • There are no written claims forms to complete: it's all done over the £phone

  • All boilers should be serviced annually and a copy of the service documentation will be required for our records.

What we cover you for:

  • Failure or complete breakdown of the Primary Heating system

  • Damage or failure of plumbing and drainage system where internal flooding or water damage is likely

  • Blocked Toilet

  • Blocked external drains within the boundaries of the home when this can be resolved by jetting

  • Electricity failure of at least one complete circuit

  • Gas leak

  • Water supply system failure

  • External lock failure or damage

  • External door failure or damage

  • External window failure or damage

  • Loss of the only available key to the property which cannot be replaced and normal access cannot be obtained.

  • (Loss of keys cover (replacement of locks) is provided with our landlords insurance policy)

  • Vermin infestation such as Cockroaches, Rats, Mice or Wasps, hornets nests in the home

Landlords Home Emergency Cover - Policy wording

Home emergency cover application

Your Full Name

Policy required
The Buy to let option is only available if you insure the property with us.
(BTL Only): risk address
Number of Occupants
Your date of Birth
Commencement Date
Previous insurer/ policy number/expiry
Telephone Number
e-mail address
We may send you information from time to time about insurance generally and special offers. If you do NOT want to receive it check and we'll only send details about this enquiry/policy.

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If you have queries on this home emergency cover then please contact us during normal office hours. Our telephone number is 01207 509446.

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