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Cheap home insurance quotes

House insurance is available for both your house contents and buildings. We offer a range of cheap house insurance policies that are connected with home ownership - or just contents cover if you are a tenant.  If you let our your house insurance is available for landlords. We also cover let properties, unoccupied houses second homes and property abroad.

House insurance for home buildings and contents House insurance policies suitable for your needs as a home owner. We can cater for people with claims, unusual property, such as subsidence risks or thatched roofs (on application). Quotes are available for buildings and contents - this link is suitable for houses in the UK only.

House insurance for home buildings and contents - cheap online quotes.

extended warranty insurance for domestic appliances in UK

House insurance policies do not cover wear and tear or mechanical breakdown to domestic appliances- can cover one appliance or a whole range under one policy - no wear and tear clauses and reasonable prices. Rates for our extended warranty insurance policy are much cheaper than found on the high street and are suitable if your domestic appliance e.g. television (not plasma), cooker, fridge etc are a year old.
Extended warranty cover 

stduent possessions for halls of residence, shared accommodation, bedsits Your parents policy may  be extended to cover your contents, as a student you should check if If not we offer this personal possessions policy (suitable for other occupations not only students) which offers discounts for living in halls of residence or not in a city.
Student Personal Possessions, Flats, Bed-sits, Shared Accommodation, Halls of Residence and Sheltered Accommodation.
forces kit cover for HM forces insurance for forces Kit. Suitable for the demands and needs of people in the armed forces - the policy can cover not only your kit but also  contents and belongings if you live on MOD premises.
forces kit cover for HM forces Build your own home - self build insurance
Home insurance cover A typical home insurance policy has many possible features. This information is a guide to covers that may be available. Please note that not all home insurance policies provide all covers and you should read your own home insurance policy carefully - or ask your home insurance broker if the cover is provided under your own home insurance policy.
forces kit cover for HM forces High Net Worth Insurance- High net worth insurance is house insurance for people who have large sums of buildings and contents to be insured e.g. large country houses, manor houses etc and who also may have collections of valuables, jewelry, antique furniture etc. The cover provided is usually much wider than a normal house insurance policy and in view of the specialist nature of the product we recommend that customers contact us directly for advice and a free quotation.

As a property owner, you realise that you could face a large loss if your buildings and contents are not covered for the correct amount. Whilst we cannot advise on the sums insured, we are pleased to offer a quick guide to rebuilding costs available for the home owner.

We can insure the following types of property.

  1. Your second or holiday home - including holiday homes aboard
  2. Unoccupied properties in UK - e.g. being renovated or the demise of occupant
  3. Tenanted landlords properties - to professionals, DSS, students, asylum seekers etc.
  4. Property overseas - in Eire, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and France - your own and let out
  5. Purpose built flats
  6. Non standard e.g. thatch / previously underpinned

Special policies are available for large properties - mansions etc and for people who have large sums to insure on their contents. These 'high net worth'  policies can't be quoted for on-line. Please contact us on 01388 607140 if you feel your buildings and contents deserve a "high net worth" policy.

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Forces Kit cover for forces kit, and personal possessions for enlisted personnel may be more suited.

Personal possessions for  students, nurses and other people living in digs, halls of residence, shared property and bed-sits.

Wear and tear or breakdown of domestic appliances. You should consider extended warranty  for electrical goods kept in your home.



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