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Cheap Home Insurance

Cheap home insurance quotes

Cheap Home Insurance Quotes

Wanted cheap home insurance for about 100.00? For many parts of the country we can provide the following cover from 100.00 + IPT

  • 300,000 buildings insurance for the structure of your home - rising to 500,000 for 4 or 5 bedroom homes.

  • 50,000 contents insurance for your goods inside the home.

  • All risks cover to insure items away from your home

  • 300.00 frozen food cover in the home is insured automatically.

  • The home insurance policy has a 75.00 excess (increased to 150.00 for escape of water and 1,000 for subsidence.) Cheaper home insurance premiums can be easily obtained:-

    • Save 10% on the home insurance policy by increasing the excess to 150.00

    • For really cheap home insurance, increase the excess to 250.00 (includes escape of water) and save 20%

  • Policyholders aged 50 or over save 10% and those aged 60 or over get even cheaper home insurance quotes with a 20% discount.

Extended Warranty
Extended warranty insurance link

Provides an extended warranty for your electrical goods - similar to the extended warranties offered by electrical goods suppliers except that you can buy the policy from us. There are no wear and tear clauses and the policy can cover goods that are more than 1 year old. Certain restrictions apply e.g. we cannot cover Plasma or large televisions nor can we cover big stoves, however the rates are competitive - we can even cover more than one article per policy

Student personal possessions cover.Insurance for personal possesions for students

This personal possessions insurance policy is not only for students but can cover possessions of other people in shared accommodation, bed sits and sheltered accommodation. A simple rating structure provides competitive rates. Students should check as a matter of course if their parents policy covers or can cover their possessions away at university as the cover is often better than a specific personal possessions policy.

Forces Kit Insurance
Insurance for armed forces

Our forces kit insurance is Suitable for the demands and needs of people in the armed forces - the policy can cover not only your kit but also  contents and belongings if you live on MOD premises.

Landlord Insurance
Landlord insurance buildings and contents

If the home you want to insure is not lived in by yourself you need landlord insurance. Our landlord insurance policies can cover property let to professionals, DSS lets, asylum seekers and students. We also quote for vacant or unoccupied property as well.

Holiday Homes Overseas - and in UKOverseas holiday home insurance

As part of our landlord insurance system we can quote for holiday homes both in the UK and overseas. Our overseas holiday home insurance caters for homes in France, Spain, Portugal, Eire, Ireland and Cyprus and in most cases will cover holiday homes used for your own and friends and those let out commercially.

High Net Worth Insurance

High Net worth house insurance is aimed at people who have substantial possessions- typically over 75,000 or large property that they need insuring e.g. country houses. These customers may also have substantial collections of jewellery, antique furniture or other collections. A standard house insurance policy may not be suitable and a better class of policy - high net worth house insurance is now provided. We feel that customers would be better served if their needs are discussed on an individual basis rather than providing an online quotation system. Please call us on 01207 509446 if you would like such a quote.

A note of caution

Please note that you normally must insure your property for the cost of rebuilding in full, including architects fees and debris removal. You should also, unless stated, insure your contents for the cost of replacing with new goods rather than the market value. Failure to insure for the correct amounts could result in a claim payment being significantly reduced, leaving you out of pocket.

Duty to disclose Facts under any contract of insurance

Please read this IMPORTANT NOTICE about requirements. We accept no liability for any loss that occurs due to your failure to comply.

Having read the above please feel free to view further details of our house insurance related policies.

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If one of these house insurance products is not require then please try here:

Landlords insurance - for buy to let and vacant proerty

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