Activities (inc. Winter Sports)

Activities are classified as either non-hazardous, Category A, Category B, Category C and Category D. Winter sports are either Category C or Category D. If there are no travellers over 65 then the benefits of the winter sports cover will be automatically provided if category C or D are chosen. Please read policy for full requirements and limitations of cover.

Non Hazardous

Roller skating, basket ball, bowls, snorkelling, cricket, cycling, squash, tennis, volley ball, fishing, water polo, golf, racket ball, rambling, badminton, rounders, football.

Category A (Automatically Included)

Aerobics, archery, badminton, basketball, beach games, bowls, cricket, croquet, fell walking, rambling and trekking, fishing, ice skating in rink, roller skating, scuba diving (18 metres), skateboarding, snooker, pool and billiards, snorkelling, squash, surfing, swimming (in pool, inland waters or coastal waters within 12 miles from land), table tennis, tennis, volleyball.

The following activities are covered subject to exclusion of liability

Cycling (not BMX/ mountain bikes), [rafting, canoeing and kayaking (including white water to grade 3],[ water skiing, yachting, boating, sailing and rowing] (inland waters, coastal waters within 12 miles from land)

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Category B (includes category A)

Boxing TRAINING (no contact), bungee jumping (no accident benefits), camel/ elephant racing, cycle touring, deep sea fishing, dog sledging, flying or a passenger in a private plane or small aircraft, go karting (specific use) gymnnastics, hiking/ trekking (between 2000 and 6000 metres altitude), hockey, horse riding (not polo/ hunting/ jumping), hot air ballooning (non uk organised), hydro zorbing, kayaking, martial arts TRAINING, motorcycling (over 50cc no racing) as a passenger or rider when wearing a helmet providing rider holds an appropriate UK licence to ride the motorcycle, mountain biking, quad biking (no racing), rugby, safari (no firearms), scuba diving (between 18-30 metres, subject to restrictions as per policy) sea canoeing, white water canoeing (grade 4) work abroad (manual, ground level only, no machinery.

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Category C (Includes Category B)

Abseiling, American Football, Gliding, outdoor endurance events, parachuting, paragliding, parascending (over land) sail boarding, sand boarding, sand yachting, skiing, skiing (dry slope), skiing, Big Foot, sledging, snow boarding, snow kiting, snow mobiling, snow shoeing, snowboarding (dry slope) white water canoeing (grade 5 to 6), white water rafting (grade 5 to 6), yachting (racing/ crrewing) outside coastal waters.

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Category D (includes Category C)

Animal riding (other than specified), BMX cycling, bob sleighing canyoning, hang gliding, heli skiing, high diving, horse jumping (not polo/ hunting), ice hockey, land yachting, luging, micro lighting, motor rallies, parsailing, rock climbing, rock scrambling, scuba diving (30 - 40m) - must be BSAC, PADI, DIWA,SSSI or SAA member, show jumping (no polo/ hunting), skate boarding, sky diving, tobogganing, wrestling.

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Winter Sports

Winter sports are : Skiing, Skiing (Dry Slope), Big Foot Skiing, Sledging, Snowboarding, Snow Kiting, Snow Mobiling, Snow Shoeing, Snowboarding (Dry Slope) (Category C). Heli Ski-ing can be selected as Category D)

For annual travel insurance, Category C winter sports are covered automatically for 17 days and there is no need to specifically select Category C.  Should more than 17 days cover be needed, or Heli Ski-ing, then Category C or D should be selected.

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