Natural Catastrophe Cover

Natural catastrophe cover is an optional additional cover available on all four contracts. The price varies but is about 5.00 for individuals and 10.00 for a family.

  • Summary of benefits
    • Cancellation : 1,500 - 50 excess
    • Additional Expenses : Up to 150 per day, 1,500 in total - 50 excess
    • Replacement Accommodation: Up to 150 per day, 1,500 in total - 50 excess
    • Travel Delay: 25.00 per 12 hours up to 250.00
  • 'Natural Catastrophe'

    • Means an event caused by the following forces of nature that has a catastrophic consequence: fire, flood, earthquake, explosion, tsunami, volcanic eruption, landslide, avalanche, hurricane, cyclone or storm which is unforeseen and unknown at the time You purchased this insurance.

  • NB Volcanic ash clouds are covered providing at least 28 days have passed since the trip was booked or this policy effected (whichever later)

Please refer to the policy wording for full terms and conditions.