Travel Dispute

Travel dispute cover is an optional extra benefit available

The policy already covers legal expenses (subject to limits) however that section of the policy does not extend to cover disputes you may have with the trip organisers or other parties responsible for your trip. Travel dispute cover provides legal expenses cover, subject to the terms of the policy, for claims brought under breach of (written) contract  by:

  • Your tour operator or Holiday Company

  • Your travel agent

  • A car hire company with whom you have pre-booked a vehicle

  • An airline, ferry, traine, cruise liner or coach operator

  • A hotelier or property owner

Subject to the cause of action arising with the territorial limits and where legal proceedings can be brought in a United Kingdom or European Union (EU) country's court jurisdiction.

The additional premium varies. It is about 5.00 per person for single trips and 7.50 per person for annual policies.