Golf Equipment

Golf equipment is an optional extra, available on all contracts.
  • Golf equipment is per person, not per policy
  • The additional premium varies - it  is about 5.00 per person for single trips and 6.00 per person for annual policies
  • The sums insured are the same for all levels of cover
    • Golf equipment : 1,500.00
    • Single Item Limit: 250.00
    • Golf equipment Hire: 20.00 per day up to 200.00 in total
    • Non refundable golfing fees: 75.00 per day up to 300 in total
    • Hole in one: 50.00
  • If selected, the premium will be applied for all adults on the policy. Please contact us (01207 509446) if cover is required for any children or if any adult does not want the cover.