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Travel Insurance for travelers over 80 years old

Overview on travel insurance for the over 80

The Redwood Policy provides travel insurance for people over 80 years old who have not reached their 86th birthday on inception.

Unlike many travel insurance policies, the maximum period away is 365 days, with premiums based on destination and duration length. Tables of illustrative cheap rates for periods of up to 94 days are available on our over 75 travel insurance page and for longer stays on the over 75 long stay travel insurance page. (People aged 76 - 85 are rated the same).

Policy benefits

There are 4 levels of travel insurance cover, Economy, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Economy policy excludes cancellation and luggage, so is probably most suitable for travellers mainly concerned about medical expenses and unwilling to pay substantial amounts for unwanted cover. This could, for example be travellers who intend to stay with family members on their destination. The Bronze policy provides 1,000 cancellation, 1,000 luggage and 2,000,000 medical expenses cover and should be considered for normal package holidays to Europe. The increased levels of cover on the Silver contract (3,000 cancellation, 5,000,000 medical expenses and 1,750 luggage) would suggest most long-haul holidays whereas the high levels on the Gold contract (10,000 cancellation, 2,500 luggage and Unlimited medical expenses) caters for the more expensive holiday. Other policy sections also have improved levels of cover in the Silver and Gold Contract.

It is perfectly reasonable to purchase a better policy if the improved levels of cover are required even if the overall cancellation liability needed is less.

A full breakdown of sums insured is provided on the quotation results page.

Medical Conditions

There may be pre-existing medical conditions. Currently medical conditions are considered through a medical screening line. This ensures that the appropriate questions are asked. Humans are far more flexible than computers! Whether cover is purchased is entirely up to the proposer although sensible decision would be to obtain cover to prevent potential substantial costs incurring. (The EHIC provides some cover for medical treatment in subscribing countries but no associated costs e.g. emergency transport home.

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  • The standard Excess is : 100 - Bronze, 50 - Silver, 25 - Gold. When deleted an excess will still apply to certain sections of the policy. The cost of deleting the excess is 10% of the premium (multiply by 1.1)

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