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Travel Insurance for Ski Holiday

This page provides information about travel insurance for people going on a ski holiday to Europe, USA or worldwide. Quote and buy online.

The growth of winter sports while on holiday has necessitated travel insurance to develop to encompass the greater risks involved. Not only the increased chance of physical injury whilst ski-ing, but also probability being sued for hurting someone else. Additional risks include off-piste ski-ing and non-standard (atypical) activities for the adventurous (heli ski-ing, tobogganing etc).

Neophytes may consider that any winter sports travel insurance extends cover. Not so! Permissible activities are listed in policy wording and many exclusions/ limitations are delineated. This is of particular concern if the adventurous consider experiencing 'something different'. Different types of ski-ing abound: the following list is extensive but probably not exhaustive.

Types of Winter Sports -  Ski-Ing

There exist many other winter sports activities other than ski-ing. Any traveller intending to partake, should verify that cover is provided. Here is a list of 20 - others no doubt are possible.

Other Types of Winter Sports 

All these winter sports have been mentioned in at least one travel insurance policy. Some may specifically exclude cover, others permit such for an additional premium. Specialist activity policies may be effected specifically covering these sports whilst participating (ideal for long stay travel insurance as frequently doubled premiums apply for winter sports, which seems excessive for only a few days enjoyment.

Information about cheap winter sports travel insurance

Travelers with our without medical conditions can find cheap winter sports travel insurance through our Redwood product


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