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Static Caravan insurance Cover

Cover provided under a typical policy for static caravan insurance with a listing of benefits, terms, conditions and exclusions.

Policy Section Benefits Typical Exclusions
Loss or damage to the static caravan Includes fixtures, fitting, equipment

Includes items in a locked storage unit adjacent to the static caravan

  • Flood in first 7 days
  • Repair to gas, water pipes, drains, sewage, telephone cables limited to 2,500
  • Limit in adjacent locked storage unit 250 anyone article, 500 in total
Replacement as New Within first 120 months
  • Sum insured must be adequate
Frozen food in caravan freezer compartment Up to 250.00
  • Food cabinets over 10 years old
  • Strike or industrial action
  • Deliberate cutting off of supply
Loss of keys To replace damaged locks or loss of keys
  • maximum sum insured - 250.00
Public liability insurance Up to 2,000,000
  • Whilst attached to towing vehicle
  • Becomes detached from towing vehicle
  • Liability in respect of towing vehicle
Loss of use/ hiring charges Cover for alternative accommodation, hire of a similar caravan and loss of ground rent
  • Cover 50 per day up to 1,500
  • If entire site closed ground rent paid pro-rata up to 1,500
Personal accident benefits Up to 20,000 if bodily injury results in death or permanent disablement
  •  Excludes people
  • 500 limit for children under 16
Loss or damage to personal effects in the caravan Includes articles for permanent use, clothing, luggage, general goods in the caravan
  • Single article limit: 300
  • Excludes valuables, money, cycles and other similar goods
  • Caravan must be locked
  • Maximum limit 250 tapes, discs, computer games.
  • Maximum limit 1500 TVs/ video/ computers
  • 500 in locked storage unit

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