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The Travel Insurance Policy

Personal Possessions

Description Typical Value Comments
Covers the baggage and possessions taken on the trip 1,250 - 3,000
  • An excess will apply
  • See below for additional comments
Other Comments Probably more information is needed about personal possessions cover and ignorance is found than any other section of a family holiday travel insurance policy.
  • Cover is NOT 'New For Old' - a deduction will in most cases be made for wear and tear
  • There will be a LOW level of cover for Valuables (typically 100 - 200) and for any SINGLE article limit
  • We thus usually recommend that expensive items such as valuables be insured under a house contents policy under the all-risks section.
  • Theft of unattended articles is often excluded - unless force is used to break into a room - so be vigilant at airports.
  • Many policies require notification to the police within 24 hours of discovery of loss - even if there is no chance of recovery.

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