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UK annual travel Insurance rates
UK annual travel insurance

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We can offer annual travel insurance for UK residents. Our annual travel insurance rates depend on many factors such as how many people need cover, their ages, where they want cover for and if they need cover for baggage and cancellation. Rates start from less than 25.00 but depend on your own circumstances.

Our online quotation system is available. Immediate quotes can be obtained.

Rating Factors

  • Age of travellers

  • Is baggage cover needed?

  • Is cancellation cover needed?

  • How long is the maximum trip?

  • What excess is wanted (various policies quote with difference excesses and for some the excess can be deleted)

  • What limits on cover are wanted. (As a range of policies are quoted different benefits are provided)

  • Location where travelling


Unlike many on-line insurers, most of our policies will provide medical cover in the event of a terrorist attack. We remind you to check on the FCO website to ensure that up to date information is provided and also that insurers tend to exclude cover if you are travelling against FCO advice.


If you want advice then please call us on 01207 509446. Our staff are only too pleased to discuss your requirements.