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We can offer annual travel insurance for UK residents. As brokers, we compare annual travel insurance providers to obtain cheap quotes. We also can help you ensure that the cheap annual travel insurance policy you buy meets your needs. Maximum length: 93 days/ trip: maximum age: 85.

How do we split up the world?

Annual travel insurance is typically split up into 5 areas.

  • UK - which may or may not include the Isle of Man and Channel Islands

  • Standard Europe

  • Expensive Europe (some areas e.g. Spain and The Canary Islands cost more)

  • Worldwide Excluding America (often excludes Canada and The Caribbean)

  • Worldwide including annual travel insurance for the USA

Please note that not every travel insurance provider has the same countries in each area.

We now have an online annual travel insurance quotation system.

Age Limits

We can offer annual travel insurance for people in the following age brackets

(The maximum length per trip and/or winter sports/ ski-ing cover may vary with time - hence the split. People over 65 may be regarded as senior citizens)

Who can be included on an annual travel insurance policy?

We aim to provide quotes for annual travel insurance for individuals, annual travel insurance for couples and annual travel insurance for a  family. Our family rates are suitable for parents and children up to the age of 17 (23 in many cases if they are in further education). If buying family annual travel insurance the key point is to make sure that, if necessary, your children are covered if they are traveling on their own - it's called independent travel. Not every policy offers this facility.


  • Compare several annual travel insurance policies online

  • Choice of maximum length (21, 30,45,60 or 90 days - depending on age.

  • Regions - UK, EU, Worldwide, Worldwide Including America/ USA/ Canada

  • Winter sports - such as ski-ing

  • Golf equipment cover

  • Deletion of excess option

  • Deletion of cancellation cover option

If you have any medical conditions you will be pleased to know that full medical screening information is available.


We aim to offer value for money for our annual travel insurance policies. There are cheaper ones available but almost certainly the reason for the cheapness is the excess. Our policies have low excesses - 35 to 65 is typical but economy policies are available with higher excess. We also offer the facility to remove the excess from most claims.

Types of annual travel insurance

We hope that the information on annual travel insurance is of assistance. Finally please remember that as an insurance broker, B. Portwood & Company Ltd can make a comparison from a range of insurers who provide annual travel insurance. We appreciate that your needs and circumstances may dictate that a different policy may be more suitable but please feel free to call us on 0844 8262617  and we will offer our independent advice on the various annual travel insurance policies available. 

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