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Annual travel insurance for the elderly or with medical conditions

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We offer elderly annual travel insurance - over 65, s, over 75s or even over 80. We offer both single trip travel insurance and annual travel insurance cover for the oap. We understand that senior citizens, pensioners or oap are more likely to have pre-existing medical conditions so our travel insurance policy has a very reasonable medical declaration that, if you can agree to it, means that you can take out a multi trip policy or single trip insurance knowing that should you have health problems during your travel you will be covered.

When you are over 75, annual travel insurance is more expensive. Many direct travel insurance companies wont cover the elderly at all! The good news is that we can offer travel insurance for any age, providing the length of cover required is not too long.

The travel insurance policy we suggest you look at depends on whether you have medical conditions. If you are in good health and under 70 then a two-week travel insurance for Europe would be 15.32 including baggage and insurance premium tax . If you need travel insurance and have medical conditions or the exact cost of the policy will vary. E.g. Under 80 the premium could be 45.82 with a 40 excess. Over it could be 52.06 with a 50 excess.

Whichever travel insurance you think is best, you will have to contact us. We give advice on travel insurance so will make sure that the travel insurance policy you take out is the one that best meets your requirements,

If you don't need advice then you may Obtain an online travel insurance quotation

Information about cheap annual travel insurance rates for the over 75and

Travelers over 75 but74 or younger, with or without medical conditions can find rates for cheap travel insurance through our Redwood product. Up to 93 days per trip can be covered, as can existing medical conditions.

B. Portwood and Company are insurance brokers so we can advise on a range of travel insurance policies. Please call us on 0844 8262617 or if you need help. The travel insurance policies discussed above would probably be suitable for the demands and needs of the elderly (senior citizens, over 75, , over 75 and over 80) or people with medical conditions .

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