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Travel Insurance to cover Finland 

Rovaniemi on the arctic circle is a premier stopping place for traveller when visiting Lapland to see Father Christmas in December. A one-day travel insurance policy is sufficient. As for winter sports - when you arrive there, there are options for being taken on a Huskey-pulled sledge and driving a Ski-doo to Father Christmas's House. In theory the travel insurance should require winter sports cover, but most people won't bother as these activities are unexpected.

Being part of Europe, travel insurance for the over 75, , over 75, over 80 or over 85 is very cheap as is backpacker travel insurance. 

Countries bordering Finland

If needing backpacking travel insurance, please note that countries next to Finland are: Sweden, Norway, Russia, with Estonia accross the Gulf of Finland.

Travel Advice

Looking at will provide advice. Remember that travel insurance will not cover travel taken against advice of the FCO.

Information about cheap travel insurance rates to Finland for the over 75, 70, 75 or 80

Travelers over 75 but 85 or younger, with or without medical conditions can find rates for cheap travel insurance to cover trips to Finland through our Redwood product


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