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Travel Insurance cover for France 

Situated across the Channel, France is the first stop for many travellers, including backpackers and long stay enthusiasts who require travel insurance. Whilst visiting the capital, Paris, driving down to the Riviera or rural Brittany are options, don't forget the travel insurance - fortunately France being so close to the UK is one of the cheapest countries and even for the over 75, over 75 or over 85, the price of travel insurance is low (which is more than be said for the cost of living in France).

Countries Bordering France

France is often the stepping-off point for backpacker or touring insurance as it is closest to the UK. From France, you can travel to: Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Monaco and Andorra

Advice for travellers

Since travel insurance is void if you travel against the advice of the FCO, you should check to make sure there are no problems. The page is: 

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