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Travel Insurance for trips to Iceland 

Iceland (Capital Reykjavik) has a temperate climate despite being in the North of Europe. Some travel insurance companies will rate Iceland as 'Worldwide Excluding the USA' whilst others will rate it as being in Europe. It is important when obtaining a quote for travel insurance to either specify Iceland as a country (which you can on our quotation system) or check very carefully to ensure that you have selected the same region for Iceland as the insurer. Since some companies regard Iceland as being in Europe premiums for the over 65, , over 75 or over 80 will still be reasonably cheap.

Iceland's volcanoes have recently cause much travel disruption. You should check that the travel insurance you purchase covers disruption automatically (or you may purchase a top-up cover). Note that cover won't include disruption due to events that are already taking place when you purchase your travel insurance.

Iceland has no contiguous borders, being the sole country on the island.

Advice about problems with travel visiting Iceland can be found on the FCO website - if you travel against FCO advice your travel insurance may not cover you. See: 

Information about cheap travel insurance rates for the over 75, 70, 75 or 80 visiting iceland

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