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Travel Insurance for Holidays to Italy 

Italy (Capital Rome) is a leading holiday destination for UK travellers. It is Italian Culture (Rome, Florence etc) rather than sea-side resorts that attract visitors, although there are resorts up near the Alps for relaxation or winter sports. Italy is surrounded by various of the Mediterranean seas (Adriatic, Ionian, Tyrrenian) and is opposite Tunisia. The region of Italy includes Sicily and Sardinia (The Neighbouring Island of Corsica is French). Travel Insurance is cheap even for the over 75, or over 75 (although riding in a Taxi through Rome makes this less understandable!)

Countries Adjoining Italy

If intending to make Italy part of a European Tour or a backpacker journey, note that the following countries border.

France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia. Albania is across the Ionian Sea and Tunisia the Mediterranean. Italy also completely surrounds the tiny country of San Marino.

Advice when travelling to Italy

The FCO website has information for travellers. As travel insurance is void if travelling against such advice, please look at the site: 

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