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Long stay travel insurance 

Providing essential protection for independent travellers, long stay travel insurance affords necessary cover for explorers visiting abroad for periods exceeding 90 days. Maximum duration age dependent, varies considerably from 5 months - 18 months. Similar to backpackers travel insurance (covers gap year students) except maximum age higher, better benefits provided. Premiums proportionately cheaper. Use button below to compare costs, terms and conditions.

Rating Factors. Why cheaper?

The following rating factors explain why long stay travel insurance is cheaper.

  • Pre-booked accommodation probably not needed on long journeys

  • Resulting cancellation costs limited

  • Independent streak resulting with hazardous/ dangerous sports/ activities - insured separately?

  • Typical staying reasons for long time: visiting parents/ offspring, gap year travel, Voluntary Service Overseas (including teaching)

  • Lower baggage costs - travelling light.

Results: Premiums cheaper proportionately for long journeys than standard travel insurance. BUT benefits reduced.

Policyholder's Age

Availability of long stay travel insurance depends on policyholder's age.

  • Upto 45: Some cheaper backpacker insurance policies also quote - compare insurance rates above. Example: Gap Year

  • Upto 65: normal insurance rates, 12 or 18 months maximum duration. Example: Career Break.

  • Over 65: Some travel insurance companies begin restricting how long abroad

  • Over 70: Fewer insurance quotes: typical length 6 months

  • Over 75: Travel insurance for long periods outside Europe limited

  • Over 80: Now insurance for longest stay reduced: 13 weeks America/ Worldwide 5 months Europe

  • Over 85: Similar: Insurance with no upper age-limit, subject to travel period. 


Premiums depend upon regions visited. Insurance for occasional travel in higher-rated areas maybe covered through stopover benefits.

  • Europe: Mainland Europe (Including Russia West of Ural Mountains). Mediterranean Islands. May include Canary islands, also North African Countries bordering Mediterranean. i.e. Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria. Not Guaranteed. Comparison quotation system includes automatic adjustment for each insurance definition of Europe.

  • Australia, New Zealand: Obviously Australia and New Zealand - a long journey. Check Insurance wording includes stop-over cover if intending short break elsewhere. Probably required Medicare registration on arrival.

  • Worldwide: Anywhere other than American Region. Short stays in America en-route e.g. South America, Mexico could be allowed.

  • America: United States of America, probably Canada/ Caribbean Countries. Long trips expensive especially elderly. Again compare cheap prices online with travel insurance quote system.

Medical Conditions

Pre-existing medical conditions disclosure compulsory. Results from insurance comparison include screening line. Travel length may result in higher insurance costs especially covering severe illnesses (heart attack, stroke). Better terms for milder conditions cholesterol, mild diabetes.

Hazardous Activities

Check insurance includes hazardous activities on long trips. Examples: bungee jumping, white water rafting or even just casual work abroad. Winter Sports activities, ski-ing, heli ski-ing, luge, tobogganing, snow zorbing, snow kiting etc cost extra. Suggest an Adventures Insurance Policy covering dangerous sports etc for limited periods.

B Portwood & Co Ltd

B Portwood is an Insurance Broker based in Northern England. Two offices: 44 Medomsley Road, Consett; 145 Newgate Street, Bishop Auckland. Long stay travel insurance is arranged at Consett Office : Telephone 01207509446 during normal office hours.

Information about cheap travel insurance for the over 65, 70, 75 or 80

Travelers over 65 but 85 or younger, with our without medical conditions can find cheap travel insurance through our Redwood product

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