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Travel Insurance for America 

America (Capital Washington DC) is without doubt the most expensive country for travel insurance. The country includes Hawai and Alaska as States. Premiums for travel insurance are not helped by the preponderance of elderly travellers (over 75, 70, 75, 80, 85) who may wish to stay for extended periods and the lack of 'free' healthcare provision. 5.5 million UK trips to the USA are made each year. An ESTA is required for entry (now costing $14). Many families head for the Disney/ Universal theme parks in Florida so a family travel insurance policy is ideal. In certain circumstances an annual policy may be cheaper than a single trip policy. (As an aside there are no reported cases as far as we are aware of medical treatment costing more than 2 million so policies boasting of higher sums insured are probably merely window dressing). Special rates may be available for backpackers, independent travellers and students attending American Colleges.

Countries Bordering the USA

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Advice for travellers to the USA

The FCO website link is here: Travellers are reminded that travel against FCO advice may invalidate the insurance.

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