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Holman's Backpacker Travel Insurance

Holman's Backpacker Travel Insurance is one of the policies that B Portwood & Co Ltd offer through our travel insurance quotation system.

Full information about this backpacker travel insurance scheme i.e. the premium  is provided in the quotation system, including a copy of the policy wording and policy summary (Key facts document).

Below is some very general information on this travel insurance scheme to help you decide if it is the one for you.

Some travel insurance schemes do not provide a specific backpacker travel insurance scheme, but rather a generalised long stay scheme. If that is the case then both schemes are noted.

Feature BackPacker Long Stay
Maximum Period of Trip   18  months
Maximum Age of Travel   35
Can Return Home Midway?   No
Standard Policy Excess   50
Medical Expenses Cover   3,000,000
Passport Cover   100
Cancellation Cover   2,000
Luggage sum insured   1,000

The excess can be deleted for a very reasonable additional premium.

Sporting/ work activities covered

Since young travelers have an independent streak they often engage in hazardous sporting activities on their trips. They also may do some light work to raise money. Below are details of activities this insurance policy will cover.

There is no list of hazardous activities under this policy but hazardous activities and manual work are excluded.

Additional Comments about this specific travel insurance policy

This is more a long-stay than a backpacker policy - hence the lack of a hazardous activities list.

The policy lists quite a large number of medical conditions that will be covered automatically - without referral to a screening line.

Policy Summary | Policy Document

Comments on backpacker travel insurance generally.

(We can arrange cover for high risk activities for anyone even if they have already left the country). If you have any medical conditions check that they are covered using the screening number we will supply at the quotation stage.

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