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Rock Backpacker Travel Insurance

Rock Backpacker Travel Insurance is one of the policies that B Portwood & Co Ltd offer through our travel insurance quotation system.

Full information about this backpacker travel insurance scheme i.e. the premium  is provided in the quotation system, including a copy of the policy wording and policy summary (Key facts document).

Below is some very general information on this travel insurance scheme to help you decide if it is the one for you.

Some travel insurance schemes do not provide a specific backpacker travel insurance scheme, but rather a generalised long stay scheme. If that is the case then both schemes are noted. 

In this case ROCK have three levels of cover.

Feature Rock Economy Rock Standard Rock Premier
Maximum Period of Trip 18 months 18 Months 18 Months
Maximum Age of Travel 64 64 64
Can Return Home Midway? No No No
Standard Policy Excess £100 £85 £65
Medical Expenses Cover £3,000,000 £5,000,000 £10,000,000
Passport Cover NIL £150 £200
Cancellation Cover £500 £1500 £5000
Luggage sum insured £200 £1000 £2000

The excess can be deleted for a small additional premium. Excess is per insured per incident.

Sporting/ work activities covered

Since young travelers have an independent streak they often engage in hazardous sporting activities on their trips. They also may do some light work to raise money. Below are details of activities this insurance policy will and wont cover.

Abseiling (within organiserís guidelines), Angling , Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Ballooning Ė hot air (organised pleasure rides only), Banana boating, Baseball, Basket ball, Boardsailing, Bowling, Bungee jumping (within organiserís guidelines), Canoeing (up to grade 2 rivers only), Climbing (on a climbing wall only), Cricket, Curling, Cycling, Deep sea fishing, Fell walking, Fishing, Glacier walking, Gliding (no cover for crewing or piloting), Golf, Gymnastics, Handball, Heptathlon, Hiking / trekking / walking (below 4,000 metres), Hill walking up to 2,000 metres, Horse riding (excl. Competitions / racing / jumping / hunting), Hot air ballooning (organised pleasure rides only), Ice skating, Indoor climbing (on climbing wall), Kayaking (up to grade 2 rivers only), Kite surfing, Marathon running, Motor cycling (up to 125cc), Mountain biking, Netball, Non-Competitive Football / Soccer, Organised safari without guns, Orienteering, Overland trips, Parascending - over water, Pony trekking, Racket ball, Rackets, Rambling, Rap jumping (within organiserís guidelines), Ringos, Roller skating / blading (wearing pads & helmets), Rounders, Rowing (except racing), Running, Safari trekking in a vehicle (must be organised tour), Safari trekking on foot (must be organised tour), Sail boarding, Scuba diving to 30 metres (within organiserís guidelines), Sea kayaking, Skateboarding (wearing pads and helmets), Sledging - pulled by horse or reindeer as a passenger, Snorkelling , Softball, Squash , Surfing, Table tennis, Ten pin bowling, Tennis, Trekking / walking / hiking (below 4,000 metres), Tubing, Tug of war, Volley ball, Wake-boarding, Walking / hiking / trekking (below 4,000 metres), Water polo, Water-skiing, White water rafting (within organiserís guidelines), Wind-surfing, Zorbing

Liability excluded from

Camel riding, Catamaran sailing (if qualified), Clay pigeon shooting, Dinghy sailing, Go karting (within organiserís guidelines), Jet boating (no racing), Jet skiing (no racing), Paint balling (wearing eye protection), Rifle range shooting, Sailing / yachting inshore (recreational, no racing), Shooting (within organiserís guidelines), Small bore target shooting (within organiserís guidelines), War games (wearing eye protection), Yachting (if qualified)

Policy can be extended to include (ask us for a quote)

American football, Climbing up to 4,000 metres, Dry slope skiing, Endurance tests, Fives, Football Ė American
, High altitude trekking, Hiking / trekking / walking (above 4,000 metres), Hockey, Lacrosse, Langlauf, Organised safari with guns, Outdoor endurance events, Parascending - over land, Rugby, Sand dune surfing / skiing, Scuba diving between 30 metres Ė 50 metres (within organiserís guidelines), Speed skating, Street hockey (wearing pads and helmets), Summer tobogganing, Trampolining, Trekking / walking / hiking (above 4,000 metres), Trekking high altitude, Walking / hiking / trekking (above 4,000 metres), White water canoeing (up to grade 4 only)

The below can be covered but no liability or accident benefits

Fencing (within organiserís guidelines), Gaelic football, Hurling, Polo, Sailing / yachting inshore (recreational, crewing, no racing), Sailing / yachting offshore (recreational, no racing)

Insurers cannot cover

Adventure racing, Base jumping, Biathlon, Big game hunting, Black water rafting, BMX riding - stunt / obstacle, Bouldering, Boxing, Canyoning, Cave tubbing, Caving / pot holing, Climbing over 4,000 metres, Cycle racing, Cyclo cross, Drag racing, Flying (except passengers in licensed passenger carrying aircraft), Free mountaineering , Hang gliding, Harness racing, High diving (over 5 metres), Hunting (fox / drag), Jousting, Judo, Karate, Kendo, Manual Work, Martial Arts, Micro lighting, Modern pentathlon, Motor cycle racing, Motor racing, Motor rallying, Mountaineering over 4,000 metres, Parachuting, Paragliding / parapenting, Parapenting / paragliding, Pot holing / caving, Power boat racing, Powerlifting, Professional sports of any kind, Quad biking, River bugging, Rock climbing, Rodeo, Roller hockey, Shark diving (in cage), Sky diving, Speed trials / time trials, Time trails / speed trials, Triathlon, Water ski jumping, Weightlifting, Wrestling

Manual Work: Work involving hands-on involvement with the installation, assembly, maintenance or repair of electrical, mechanical or hydraulic plant, (other than in a purely managerial/supervisory, sales or administrative capacity), or the undertaking of any trade of plumber, electrician, lighting or sound technician, carpenter, painter/decorator or builder, or manual labour of any kind (other than in the catering industry). 

Cover for Manual Work will be provided where such work is solely in a voluntary capacity, for a charity registered under the Charity Commission in England and Wales, the Scottish Charity regulator or the Department for Social Development in Northern Ireland and where there is no financial gain. In such circumstances, there will be no cover for hands-on involvement with the installation, assembly, maintenance, repair or use of heavy electrical, mechanical or hydraulic plant or machinery, or for working more than 3 metres above the ground, and cover for Personal Accident and Personal Liability is excluded. In the event of an injury occurring as a result of voluntary labour, the Policy Excess under section 2 (Medical Emergency & Repatriation) will be increased to £250 and application of Excess Waiver will not delete this increased excess. 

Cover excludes interaction with wild animals of any kind.

Additional Comments about this specific travel insurance policy

This insurance has a go/ no go attitude to medical conditions. Read the policy but if you have certain medical conditions you wont be covered for any pre-existing conditions. If you don't have the conditions then you will be covered for all pre-existing conditions.

Policy Summary | Policy Document

Comments on backpacker travel insurance generally.

Always check on the activities that are covered (shown above) if you intend doing them. (We can arrange cover for high risk activities for anyone even if they have already left the country). If you have any medical conditions check that they are covered using the screening number we will supply at the quotation stage.

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