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Travel Insurance for the over 75 for single trips

This travel insurance is for anyone under 70 in the UK who needs travel insurance for a single trip or short stay (less than 92 days). The rates for people over 75 are extremely competitive and medical conditions can be covered. If you are over 75 and have medical conditions then look at our over 75 + medical conditions travel insurance on the links at the bottom of the page.

Please use the following for quotes for online over 75 travel insurance - or call us on 01207 509446 as we are only too pleased to offer advice (and have other policies)

The cost of travel insurance is dependent on where you are going and for how long and if you want any of the travel insurance options that are available (we can quote travel insurance with no excess, travel insurance with no baggage, travel insurance with business equipment, ski travel insurance including other winter sports).

If you are over 75 then you will be pleased to note that this travel insurance policy will rate you the same as any other adult. We appreciate that many travel insurance policies load premiums for the over 75, which is why this travel insurance is offered as a cheap alternative.

Our travel insurance is very competitive for families. The family travel insurance is only twice the cost of a single person so 'kids go free'. Please note that non family children would have to be insured separately.

Travel insurance cover

This travel insurance policy has the following levels of cover Travel insurance Cover (opens in new window)

Travel insurance rates (inc over 75 up to 69)

The travel insurance on the table below includes insurance premium tax @ 20%. Quotes are for travel insurance with baggage, with the standard 50.00 excess and without business equipment. Winter sports cover ( X 2).

Annual travel insurance rates

Whilst this travel insurance is very competitive and we have shown all travel insurance rates for up to 92 days, you should be aware that we offer annual travel insurance policies (not all of which are on the website). Frequently an annual travel insurance can be cheaper than a short-stay travel insurance - especially if winter sports cover or family cover is wanted. We offer annual travel insurance covering up to 90 days per trip online covering medical conditions and ski insurance for winter sports. Call 01207 509446 to discuss matters could result in an even cheaper travel insurance quote (our advice is free).

Length UK Europe Worldwide USA Caribbean
  Single Child Family Single Child Family Single Child Family Single Child Family
38   These travel insurance rates have been superceded by our travel insurance quotation system - with cheap rates for the over 75, , over 75 and over 80.

This travel insurance policy is NOT available in Iraq, Lebanon or Libya

Cheap home insurance for the over 60 is now available. Click for our cheap home insurance for the over 60 and obtain a quote for 50,000 contents and up to 500,000 buildings sum insured from 100.00 + IPT.

This travel insurance is, we believe, suitable for anyone under 70 especially if you are over 75. However we always review your needs for travel insurance and in some cases the travel insurance we recommend may differ from this travel insurance. You may rest assured, however that the travel insurance we recommend will be the most suitable one we have to meet your demands and needs for travel insurance. Our quotation system also quotes for over 75 travel insurance  if needed - no upper age limit.

B. Portwood and Company are insurance brokers so we can advise on a range of policies. Please call us on 01207 509446 if you need help. The travel insurance policy discussed above would probably be suitable for the demands and needs of people under 70 - but including over 75 - wanting single trip travel insurance and have no medical conditions

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