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Travel Insurance for people over 75 with Diabetes

Cover for any age up to three months away

We provide specialist travel insurance to cover people with diabetes. We realise that the severity of your diabetic condition may vary and you may have type 1 or type 2 diabetes so whilst in many cases a normal travel insurance may suffice, in others a travel insurer specialising in medical conditions may be needed.

The importance of disclosing information

Diabetes is a material fact and should be disclosed. Failure to do so may not only result in your travel insurance not protecting you should you need emergency treatment for your diabetic condition but for any other conditions if they symptoms may be exacerbated by diabetes.

Nevertheless the degree of diabetes varies. You may or may not be on insulin, which may be taken orally or intravenously. You may or may not have been subject to hypoglycemic attacks. We therefore offer the following suggestions for the best course of action to obtain a quotation.

Our normal travel insurance quotation system

This travel insurance quotation system compares the prices from a range of policies and supplies details of the appropriate medical screening line for you to check to see if your diabetic condition can be covered and at what terms. It also includes our bespoke travel insurance policy that is designed to cover people with medical conditions such as diabetes - but you will then have to process the quotation again to include the various medical factors requires. 

This would probably be the best option if you have mild diabetes and no other medical conditions.

Bespoke travel insurance quotation

If you are over 85 and intending to travel for more than a month outside Europe or have a more severe form of diabetes, perhaps including additional medical conditions then this option for travel insurance for diabetes is probably the best.

Once you have obtained the quote, you do have the option of removing medical cover for your pre-existing conditions but we do not recommend it.

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If you want travel insurance to cover medical tourism i.e. going abroad to obtain treatment then click here

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Specialised travel insurance needs.

over 75?

Even if you are over 75 we can meet your travel insurance needs for to 365 days away or 93 days a trip for annual travel insurance. So if you are over 75 more information about our travel insurance for the over 75 policies, terms and conditions, including cover for medical conditions. Quotes for over 75 travel insurance are available online  - however we recommend you call us on 01207 509446


When travel insurance is still available for up to 365 days for a single trip, winter sports, or annual travel insurance for 93 days a trip. Further information about travel insurance is available with instant quotes and buy online.

Over 75?

Still no problem - the over 75 can still obtain long stay travel insurance for a year and winter sports covers. It doesn't matter if going to the USA, Worldwide or just Europe and medical conditions can be covered. You can obtain an over 75 travel insurance quote through our online quotation system and buy online.

Over 80?

Our unique Redwood travel insurance is suitable for travelers over 80 with online screening for medical conditions, with single trips for 366 days available. More information on over 80 travel insurance is available though our dedicated page.

Winter Sports

Winter sports cover for travel insurance is available up to 85. Information about winter sports travel insurance is available including various activities, with cheap premiums, especially for the USA and Canada.


Cheap backpacker travel insurance is available. Cover is more limited but backpacker travel insurance can be exceedingly cheap especially with a large excess.