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Insurance for travellers with high cholesterol

B Portwood & Co Ltd can provide cheap travel insurance for travellers with medical conditions such as high cholesterol. (Normally disclosure of this results in questions about high blood pressure as well).

It is a requirement that all medical conditions are disclosed when travel insurance is effected as the probability of incurring a re-occurrence of the medical condition with the attendant medical expenses is increased and this is reflected in the correct premium to be charged for the risk.

The Redwood travel insurance can cover travellers with high cholesterol, usually at reasonable cost. Indeed we have already provided quotations and arranged cover. 

However whether high cholesterol can be covered depends on the particular circumstances of the traveller. Travel outside Europe e.g. to America or Australia, for long periods, as well as other medical conditions are all factors, as is the traveller's age. We specialise in the over 75 travel insurance market and are therefore used to arranging cover for a plethora of conditions.

The product is suitable for travellers up to the age of 85, so being , over 75 or even over 80 may not be a problem. In addition the maximum length of a trip is 365 days - we are therefore uniquely  suited to covering long stays for customers. Online medical screening asks for details of all medical conditions and an immediate quote/ no quote can be obtained. People with high cholesterol who require an annual travel insurance (up to 75) or cruise insurance can also be accommodated.

It will help if full details of the medical condition are to hand e.g. number of medications. Please note we do not recommend family members to complete the application on behalf of the person suffering from high cholesterol as they may not have all the information to hand and, as medical bills can be expensive, could be costly. (Often other information such as whether the traveller can walk a suitable distance without having to pause for breath is requested.)

Finally, note that we do not apply an increased excess for medical expenses, due to high cholesterol. We have three contracts, bronze, silver and gold, offering increased benefits and default excesses of 100, 50 and 25. These may be removed upon payment of an additional premium which in some cases represents extremely good value for money.

travel insurance quote link Travel insurance for people with medical condition such as high cholesterol.

For more information on travel medical insurance contact B. Portwood & Co Ltd. As insurance brokers have been in business advising customers on the relative merits of medical insurance policies for more than 50 years. We are always willing (if you call us on 0844 8262617) to discuss your requirements and find the most suitable cover we can obtain for your needs.