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Multi Trip Travel Insurance - annual cover
annual multi trip travel insurance

A Multi trip travel insurance policy lasts for a year. As its name implies 'Multi Trip' means that more than one holiday can be covered.

We have a range of multi trip travel insurance policies available. The premiums for this travel insurance depend on several factors such as the countries covered and if you need baggage or winter sports covering. We can cover nearly anyone - it does not matter if you are over 75, , over 75 or even over 80 - we go up to 85.

Multi trip travel insurance is now available online. Obtain a quote for multi trip travel insurance and purchase the insurance policy. Quotes for multi trip over 75 travel insurance are available but we recommend you call us on 01207 509446 for a full range of policies as we have some multi-trip policies not available to buy online.

Please note that if you buy travel insurance using the quote system the product will be sold on a 'non-advised' basis. We will obtain quotes and offer you several policies and details about them. It will be up to you to decide which policy you want.

Information about cheap multi trip travel insurance rates for the over 75, 70

Travelers over 75 but 74 or younger, with or without medical conditions can find rates for cheap multi trip travel insurance through our Redwood product

If you want advice on multi trip travel insurance you may contact the firm directly. We can then discuss any queries you have and, if you want the policy, arrange to go on cover immediately. Our contact number is 01207 509446 and our experienced staff are only too willing to advice you on our annual multi trip travel insurance policy.

annual multi trip travel insurance information

Travel insurance is our specialty we offer cheap Travel Insurance and annual travel insurance  Click for annual Travel Insurance as well as over 75 travel insurance - see our  over 75 travel insurance page for details. For people going for a long stay and needing travel insurance see our Long Stay Travel Insurance page. Students or backpacker needing insurance can view our Backpacker Travel Insurance page and quotes for multi trip travel insurance (multi trip travel insurance rates) are also available if needed.