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One of the factors affecting travel insurance is the countries that you intend to visit. Insurance companies do not, however, rate each country separately, they band them into regions, the most common of which are: UK, Europe, Australia, Worldwide (excluding USA) and USA. The following is a general summary of why these regions are so branded. It should be noted, however, that not every insurer has the same country in the same region. Many, for example will rate African and Middle East Countries bordering the Mediterranean as 'Worldwide' even though some will rate them as 'Europe'! Similarly although one region is described as 'USA / America' some insurers will include Canada, Mexico and/or the Caribbean in the area.

UK travel insurance

The United Kingdom (UK)

Travel Insurance Policies providing cover in the UK only (e.g. a week in Blackpool or London) are the cheapest. This is because:

  • The cost of the holiday is usually cheap so there would be low cancellation  repayments

  • There is unlikely to be air travel or travel by boat so travel delay costs will be small

  • Most medical treatment will be on the NHS, so medical or health costs will be low

  • At the moment liability claims are not too serious (and there may be cover on your home insurance anyway)

You should note that if you are considering an annual multi trip policy that cover in the UK may sometimes be provided - usually the travel must involve a pre-booked accommodation and be for at least two nights

A list of Countries that are or may be regarded as being in the UK for travel insurance purposes

European travel insurance

European Area

Travel insurance in the European Area is normally very cheap - and some annual multi trip policies give discounts if you can restrict the travel to just Europe. Factors that help reduce travel insurance premiums for Europe are:

  • The European Health Insurance Card - replaces the E111 as of Jan 1st 2006 and can reduce medical bills

  • The developed status of European countries means that medical treatment is efficacious

  • Travel in the European area is simple and straightforward

The European Area for travel insurance purposes is not just the EU but may include many islands and countries bordering mainland Europe

Australia Travel Insurance

Australia and New Zealand

Although often defined as Australia, 'Australasia' may be better as the same rate may apply to New Zealand and even some of the Islands in the South Pacific

  • Australia operates a form of national health service - which you register when 1st claim is made.

  • Main language is English (sort of!) so easier to communicate

  • Industrialised country with good infrastructure and thriving local insurance industry

Countries that may be rated as 'Australia' or New Zealand for travel insurance purposes

Obtain a quote for over 75 travel insurance to New Zealand or Australia - special rates for over 75, 70 and 75 Special travel insurance rates for Australia or New Zealand. Obtain a cheap annual travel insurance quote online. Our cheap online travel insurance quote system will quote a range of travel insurance companies. UK or EU residents can buy online. Help is provided for travellers with pre-existing medical conditions or even a terminal prognosis (provided return is 6 months or more).

Please note that many long-stay travel insurance policies to Australia only allow for a certain length of time out of the area e.g. to visit Singapore or Hong-Kong en route or returning.

Worldwide travel insurance

Worldwide (excluding USA/ America)

Worldwide travel insurance policies, as their name states, cover travel to any country not listed in another region - typically these may be America/ Canada/ Mexico/ or Caribbean as shown below)

Travel insurance to America and Canada

Travel to USA, America,  Canada, Mexico and Caribbean

Travel insurance for the USA, America, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean may be substantially higher than cover for the rest of the world. For more general information see our Travel Insurance in America web page

  • Medical costs are substantially higher as there may be only private healthcare available. This impacts the elderly pensioner and those over 75, 70, 75 or 80 and people with medical conditions

  • Liability claims will be expensive and frequent. (If you sneeze someone will probably sue you for giving them a cold)

  • Travel costs are high as these are long distance flights

  • Although not yet a factor, many insurance companies provide cover following catastrophe. With the increase in the number of Hurricanes (2005 was a record year) we anticipate that premiums may have to increase to provide the cover given.

Interestingly, many annual multi trip insurance policies are cheaper than the cost of a two-week single trip travel to America.

UK, European, America, Australia


If you are uncertain as to which area any specific country is in please contact us on 01207 509446. We are only to happy to discuss your insurance needs and advise you whether you need travel insurance for UK, Europe, Australia, Worldwide or USA/ America.

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