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Travel Insurance

Scuba Diving

Our travel insurance covers scuba diving. Sections under  travel insurance will cover your medical expenses and, subject to policy limits, your scuba diving equipment.

You will be please to know that you can buy travel insurance to cover scuba diving on our website. You can be covered for scuba diving to 30 meters and 40m if holding a suitable diving qualification.

The quotation system offers a range of insurers providing travel insurance - scuba diving is listed as a default cover on the Ageas contract, but it is up to you to decide which policy is the most suitable for your demands and needs.

scuba diving over 75 travel insurance quotes

Scuba Diving travel insurance quotation system

Ageas provide travel insurance cover for a wide range of activities as standard and the policy excess is very low (50) compared to many other policies.

over 75?

If you are over 75 and need travel insurance look at our over 75 travel insurance page. People over 75 can also be covered for scuba diving. Quotes for over 75 travel insurance can be obtained online but we recommend you contact us on 01207 509446 to discuss your needs as we can offer a wider range of policies and ensure that your demands and needs for scuba diving are met.

If you want cheap travel insurance look at our cheap travel insurance page

B. Portwood & Co Ltd Brokers are insurance brokers authorised and regulated for insurence mediation by the Financial Conduct Authority. This may be checked by viewing their website or calling them on 0800 111 6768. | Single trip travel insurance

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