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Our single trip travel insurance policies start from 10.00.

As brokers, we offer single trip travel insurance to cover virtually anyone (over 75? No problem! We quote for up to 99.) For any length of time (Up to 18 months on long stay or backpacker policies - ). Naturally we cover the world (subject to FCO restrictions), Europe, Australia, America etc

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Information about cheap single trip travel insurance rates for the over 75, 70, 75 or 80

Travelers but 85 or younger, with or without medical conditions can find rates for cheap travel insurance through our Redwood product

Medical conditions

We aim to help our customers buy the travel insurance that they need so when you obtain your quote and you have any medical conditions we provide details of how you can get medical clearance so your travel insurance will cover you should you have to make a claim arising from a pre-existing medical condition. 

A note about our single trip insurance policies

Since we aim to provide good cover with low excesses (typically 35 - 50) our policies may be a little more expensive than those found on internet comparison websites. All we can say is: read very carefully the cover provided when thinking about those policies.

over 75?

Single trip travel insurance is available for the over 75. See our over 75 travel insurance page to obtain a quote. (Limits apply for the over 85 for trips outside of Europe (60 days)). Or call us on 01207 509446 to take advantage of our expertise and obtain quotes from a wider range of policieis providing over 75 travel insurance.

If you do NOT want our advice then you may Obtain an online over 75 travel insurance quotation by clicking here.

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