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Travel Insurance for Skiboarding

What is Skiboarding?

Skiboarding is a winter sport which combines elements of skating, snowboarding, and skiing. Skiboards (not skis or snowboards) are like short, parabolic skis that feel more like skating on the ski slopes

Increased Danger

  • Difficulty of accessing skier if they are injured during the actual ski-ing

  • Descents are likely to be steeper and harder to ski

  • Danger of hidden rocks, snow pockets etc

  • Minor risk of injury during transportation.

Travel Insurance Companies providing cover

  • PJH Adventures : level iii

  • Rock Insurance

  • Voyager - this is open to doubt - as far as we can see the only excluded ski-ing is ski jumping

(Premiums for these travel insurance companies are available on our travel insurance quotation page other than PJH Adventures where you will have to call us for advice and arrange cover)

Other Winter Sports

Of, course you may wish to have cover other than just ski-ing. Information about other winter sports travel insurance is available.