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Ski Insurance - Glacier Ski-ing

What is glacier ski-ing?

Glacier ski-ing is, unsurprisingly, ski-ing down a glacier! This can have many advantages: since the glacier is frozen all year, then an early fall of snow can create good ski-ing conditions right from the start of the season.

What's the risk?

There is a slightly higher element of risk, as with all non-piste ski-ing, however the main problem with glacier ski-ing would be quick access to medical treatment as well as the potentially uneven base.

Travel insurers covering Glacier Ski-ing

The following travel insurance companies we offer cover glacier skiing in their winter sports section.

You can obtain a quote for these and buy the travel insurance online.

PJ Hayman 'Adventures' policy rate the activity as category iii. This illustrates the slightly higher risk they place with it. If you already have travel insurance we can cover glacier skiing specifically under this policy - or it can be extended to form a standard travel insurance policy. Please call us for a quotation.

Other Winter Sports

Of, course you may wish to have cover other than just ski-ing. Information about other winter sports travel insurance is available.