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Travel Insurance for Ski Jumping

What is Ski Jumping?

Ski Jumping involves descending a (man-made) slope and taking off through the air - the distance travelled under normal ski-jumping (the K spot) is usually between 65 and 100 metres. An extended form known as ski flying involves substantially greater distances e.g. 180metres.

Increased Danger

Mainly due to probability of landing awkwardly. Since ski jumps are man-made, emergency facilities will be in the propinquity.

We recommend you contact our office (01207 509446) if you intend ski jumping to ensure that the policy purchased meets these requirements.

(Premiums for these travel insurance companies are available on our travel insurance quotation page other than PJH Adventures where you will have to call us for advice and arrange cover)

Other Winter Sports

Of, course you may wish to have cover other than just ski-ing. Information about other winter sports travel insurance is available.