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Ski Insurance for para ski-ing

What is para ski-ing

There are several forms  - basically they involve the use of a parachute and skis. Competitions involve precision parachuting and then a Grand Slalom ski-ing. Individuals may use the parachute to control a rapid descent. It is not clear whether the former or latter is being insured under policies or whether the method would be denoted as 'extreme ski-ing'.

Additional risks compared to normal ski insurance

  • The risk of injury during the parachute drop.

  • Loss of control during descent.

  • Risk of lack of medical care in the proximity

Insurance companies covering para ski-ing in their policy

This policy is available in addition to our ski travel insurance policies and will cover you only when actually para-skiing. It can be taken out even if your current policy isn't with us.

Other Winter Sports

Of, course you may wish to have cover other than just ski-ing. Information about other winter sports travel insurance is available.