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Supplier/ Schedule Airline Failure Cover FAQs

May be available as part of a policy, supplier/ airline failure cover insures against the additional costs should a third party  provider e.g. providers of flights/ public transport/ transfers to/ from accommodation or car hire become insolvent.

Component Cover
Pre-departure cancellation

Payment up to 5,000 for each Insured person for any financial loss you suffer, being non-refundable deposits and amounts you have paid (or contracted to pay) where you are unable to commence your trip because one of the third party providers (this includes but is not limited to providers of flights or other public transport, transfers to/from your accommodation/ car hire) of your trip has become insolvent and it is impossible to replace that element of your trip/

Insolvency/ replacement Costs

If one of the Third Party Providers (this includes but is not limited to providers of flights or other public transport, transfers to/from your accommodation/ car hire) of your trip has become insolvent and it is possible to replace that element of the trip the insurers will pay up to 5,000 for each insured person for the cost of replacing that element.

Travel Delay Replacement Ticket.

If the flight, sea crossing or train is cancelled and no alterative provided within 12 hours of the intended departure time we will pay for the cost of buying a replacement ticket to allow the trip to continue up to a maximum of 5,000 for each insured person.


What is NOT covered by Supplier Failure Cover

The policy will not cover costs if you decide against travelling or any costs that are refundable or recoverable from companies bonded or insured elsewhere. Costs mentioned in the General Exclusions will also not be covered.

What happens if my airline, for example, goes into liquidation

If you are on holiday and your airline will not bring you home the insurers will cover the cost for each insured person to buy a ticket home with another airline up to a maximum of 5,000 per person.

Am I covered if my airline cancels my flight

Yes you will be covered if no alternative travel is provided within 12 hours.

I pay for my holiday by credit card. Do I still need Supplier Failure Cover?

If you want to be sure you are fully covered you will still need to take out Supplier Failure cover.

Most credit card companies only protect their clients against the failure of the company with whom the card transaction has been made and not the companies the money is passed onto i.e. the airline, the hotelier etc.

In addition costs under 3100 are not usually covered by credit cards and repatriation costs are, n most cases, the responsibility of the traveller.

I booked my flights through an ATOL protected company, do I need Supplier failure Cover

Flight bookings protected by ATOL will be covered only up to the original cost paid if you have not yet travelled and to assist you getting home if you are overseas. ATOL does not protect you if the airline or operator simply cancels the flight. Supplier Failure Cover does. Unlike ATOL, Supplier Failure Cover also covers your accommodation, transfers and other holiday components, meaning you can continue your holiday.

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