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Travel Insurance for people who have had a terminal prognosis

If you are unlucky enough to have had a terminal prognosis, most travel insurance companies won't cover you.

As we are insurance brokers we aim to provide travel insurance for as many people as possible. We have thus arranged cover for people with a terminal prognosis so that they can obtain travel insurance.

One key point, however is that your life expectancy must be at least six months after the intended return to the UK.

We have a policy providing travel insurance for people with a terminal prognosis with three options:.

  1. A medical only travel insurance policy with a high excess: aimed at people who just want reassurance that if they do need to make a claim then their costs will be limited.

  2. A standard-type travel insurance policy. The excess will be fairly typical - 50 or 100 and so will the cover e.g. baggage, cancellation, curtailment etc

  3. A top-quality travel insurance policy with high limits and no excesses - this is designed to provide assurance for the traveler to know that they are fully covered.

We also have another option available (see below) 


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