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Travel insurance for travellers over 75 needing medical insurance.

Medical conditions.

As travel insurance is mainly medical cover, patients with medical conditions must be careful when applying as they are often excluded. We can cover travelers who need travel insurance with medical conditions even if they have a terminal prognosis or awaiting treatment. 

B. Portwood are specialists in travel insurance and have experience in providing cover for patients with medical conditions.

If you need travel insurance and have no medical conditions, our standard policies are cheap and provide good cover.

If travel insurance is required for minor medical conditions, we provide easy access to medical screening lines for the policies so that you can get confirmation that medical conditions can be covered.

For more serious medical conditions (strokes, heart complaints, angina etc) especially for the elderly, quotes are available with immediate underwriting and acceptance criteria and purchase online.

Travel Insurance when over 75?

If you are over 75 and have medical conditions we can still provide travel insurance - see our over 75 travel insurance page for more information or click one of the links below. We would recommend you call us on 01207 509446 as we have other products available not online and you can discuss your demands and needs for over 75 travel insurance.

Online over 75 Travel Insurance for minor medical conditions - instant quotes

Travel Insurance for very serious medical conditions with a terminal prognosis
(The terminal prognosis must be for at least 6 months after the RETURN).

Travel Insurance for patients with active cancer (including terminal): request callback.

Below is an example medical declaration

The Declaration (Ageas Insurance Policy) - other travel insurance policies have different requirements.


  • is waiting for an operation, hospital consultation (other than for regular check ups), or other hospital treatment or investigations

  • has received treatment, other than regular medication, in the last 12 months for:-

    • any blood disorder

    • Dialysis treatment

    • Any form of cancer, leukaemia or tumour

    • any psychiatric illness

    • a transplant

    • dementia

  • diagnosed as HIV positive has required treatment for HIV or any HIV related illness

  • has any breathing or heart problems which has needed hospital treatment in the last 12 months

  • has been seen by a specialist in the last three months (other than for regular check ups) or been admitted to hospital overnight

  • nobody has been given a terminal prognosis by a registered doctor

  • I do not know of any reason (medical or otherwise) why the trip is likely to be cut short

  1. If you or anyone travelling with you cannot agree with this declaration when you take out the insurance ring 08701 222038 quoting reference KC2. If you cannot contact them immediately you must do so within 14 days and before you travel.

  2. If there is a change in medical condition after you take out the insurance but before you travel you must contact the number above. They will advise if cover can continue. If cover can't continue you will be able to claim for the cost of cancellation

For annual multi-trip travel insurance cover, if you have medical conditions, you must agree with this declaration each time you book a trip.

For a close relative or business associate, or anyone else who is not an insured person and whose health may affect the trip.

If at the time of taking out this travel insurance (or booking the trip if later) they had medical conditions for which they were:-

  • were receiving medical treatment at hospital

  • were waiting for a hospital consultation or treatment

  • Had been given a terminal prognosis , or been told that their condition is likely to get worse in the next 12 months

Cover will not be provided for any problem which has anything to do with those medical conditions.

How different travel insurance companies handle people with medical conditions.

Many online insurance companies will now not offer any terms at all. Analysing the likelihood of someone having to make a claim and working out what terms to apply is an expense and since most customers are solely interested in price, insurers feel that covering the small minority is not worth it. This speaks volumes about customer care.

There are two main methods of supplying information - a medical screening line and online screening. The medical screening line is a telephone number to the insurer or (more likely outsourced) which is fielded by trained personnel who will ask the appropriate questions and, based on the answers provided advise terms that would be applied to cover the traveller. Online screening, on the other hand, typically through Healix Software, allows the traveller to enter their own data and thus quote and buy online immediately. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages - the first method is labour intensive whereas the second, like all internet insurance, is open to abuse or mistake.

Terms offered are normally a) Normal terms - exactly the same cover and price as the main policy b) An additional premium - which can be 3 or 4 times the standard premium c) An additional excess - which means that the consumer has to pay more but only if they need to make a claim d) a combination of the two and e) declineature.

Customers have the option in many case of taking out the policy without cover for existing medical but our advice would be to ensure that the conditions are covered. The potential costs of having to pay a claim without the benefit of insurance are much greater than the cost of obtaining cover.

98% of existing medical problems can be covered - so why not get a free quotation? Quotes available for any age (over 75 a speciality)

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