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Worldwide Travel Insurance

Worldwide travel insurance is substantially more expensive than European, especially for the over 75. Our Redwood travel insurance offers the cheapest rates available for travel to countries such as America, especially if the traveller is over 75 or intends travelling for extended long stays.

Definition of 'Worldwide'

When it comes to 'worldwide',  it doesn't mean what you may think in terms of travel insurance!

There are two options for worldwide travel insurance!

  1. 'Worldwide Excluding America' - which may extend to not covering Canada and The Caribbean

  2. 'Worldwide Including America' - which extends to covering the New World

Please note that even if you select option 2, the travel insurance policy will not usually cover you if you are traveling against FCO advice, if you are traveling for medical treatment or have a terminal prognosis. It is cheaper if you can select option 1.

travel insurance Redwood Travel Insurance: Best worldwide travel insurance rates for single trips for travellers up to 85 and annual trips for travellers over 75 and under 75
travel insurance Worldwide travel insurance - for older travellers.

Medical conditions and worldwide travel insurance

The Redwood travel insurance policy provides online medical screening for travellers with existing medical conditions needing worldwide travel insurance. A wide range of conditions (or combination of medical conditions) can be covered.

Do I need 'world cover' if I am going to Australia?

Travel insurance for Australia is sometime cheaper - but you may be intending to stop over en route for a few days. Does this affect the premium?

The answer is: it might. Many long stay travel insurance policies specifically allow several days (up to 7 depending on the policy. Information on our backpacker travel insurance page gives a list of the policies we offer and the facilities for stopping over.

What Age Limits are there for worldwide travel insurance

We are very flexible for our worldwide travel insurance. The maximum length you can travel depends on your age.

  • Under the age of 65 the maximum length is 18 months

  • over 75 up to 69 the maximum length is 18 months

  • up to 75 the maximum length is 12 months

  • Over 75 up to 85 the maximum length is 12 months

  • Up to the age of 85 the maximum length is 12 months

  • Over 85 the maximum length is 3 months

(The ages have been separated as these limits may vary in the future.)

What if I intend traveling more than once a year?

We offer annual worldwide travel insurance up to the age of 85. In fact we have several policies so for the younger person (up to 74) the maximum days per trip can exceed 90 - but for the elderly the limit is 30 days a trip.

What if I have medical conditions?

No problem! We have travel insurance policies that cover a wide range of pre-existing medical conditions for worldwide travel. Some conditions will be covered automatically - others have a medical screening line and yet others offer full on-line screening, with a purchase option. Full details on how to obtain cover for medical conditions is provided in the results page on the quotation system. 

To obtain your travel insurance quote use the link above.

If you need any help, we recommend that you call us on 01207 509446 we can discuss your requirements and provide a quotation for your travel insurance. | Single trip travel insurance