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In the UK caravan insurance is voluntary but if you own a caravan (maybe worth up to 30,000) then effecting caravan insurance is a sensible option. If you want a cheap caravan insurance quote online we now have a static caravan insurance and touring caravan insurance quotation system online that will help you compare the cheapest quotes for your caravan. We offer special terms for static caravans online (no excess for claims over 100 in many cases) and touring caravans (discounts for experienced caravanners and caravan club members). If you want ore information on static caravan insurance then our static caravan insurance page is available online.

As online insurance Brokers, we have researched the UK caravan insurance market to find the best cover and deals for your caravan insurance and are able to offer them to you. Our online quotation system provides quick quotes but first of all here are a few of the general sections in a caravan insurance policy.

Loss or damage to the caravan.

The insurance section under which most claims are made. There are usually very few exclusions e.g. wear and tear, gradually operating cause. It should be noted that in insurance the word ' caravan ' is usually extended to include fixture and fitting that come with the caravan.

Personal effects

Personal effects are those articles that are placed in the caravan for your use. Please note that:-

  • The cover is NOT new for old - a deduction may be made for wear and tear.
  • Cover only applies to those articles IN the caravan
  • There will be exclusions and limits e.g. bicycles may be excluded or a single article limit of e.g. 100 will apply - this could affect claims for TV's etc.
  • We recommend insurance for personal effects is taken out under your home insurance policy

Public liability

Whilst the caravan is being towed on the road the liability cover under a motor insurance policy extends to damage caused by the caravan e.g. reversing into another vehicle. When the caravan is detached then this insurance would not apply and the cover provided under the specialist caravan insurance policy then takes over. There is a policy limit e.g. 1,000,000 or 2,000,000 (some site owners stipulate a high limit which reduces the number of policies available and encourages owners to take out their insurance.)

Foreign Use

Many insurance policies allow you to take the caravan abroad - be careful if there are limitations as to the number of days allowed.

Hire of alternative accommodation

Insures your costs if your caravan become uninhabitable.

Legal expenses

Insures legal expenses arising out of use of the caravan only.


Most caravan insurance policies have an excess applying on the material damage sections - this is typically 50.00 or 75.00

Theft cover

On taking out a policy for a touring caravan make sure you understand the requirements if it is left unattended. Some exclude all cover immediately unless a hitch lock/ proprietary lock is fitted others allow two hours (i.e. at service areas on motorways)

Static caravans

Insurance is cheaper as static caravans are normally kept on site and not moved on the road  (typically 40-50% reduction).

Links to follow:-

If you want to compare caravan insurance online then please follow our compare caravan insurance link to our caravan insurance quote engine - immediate rates. Once you obtain your online caravan insurance quote you can request a form online and we will send you policy wordings and key facts documents so you can check that the policy meets your needs. Or of course you can call us - we are always delighted to discuss your needs.

We also provide buy to let insurance - see our Home Page for further details.

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