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Expert Help Included

House insurance at Portwoods

What we can offer

What we don't do

  • A range of Insurance Companies
  • Free immediate quotations during office hours
  • Guaranteed accurate quotations
  • Well-trained experienced staff
  • A range of payment options
  • Immediate policy issue and forward documents
  • Renewals provided at least 21 days before expiry
  • We check all renewals against the market - to ensure you get a good deal each year.
  • Full assessment of your needs
  • Make sure the policy is suitable for you.
  • Advice on any aspect of your insurance needs
  • Non standard - unoccupied/ buy to let/ second/ holiday homes
  • Cut policy cover to reduce your premium
  • Automatically quote with high or hidden excesses
  • Make assumptions to produce artificially cheap quotes
  • Use Call center staff who know nothing about house insurance
  • Impose High charges for administration/ cancellation
  • Pressurise you to take out policies you don't need.
  • Hide costs in our insurance quotations
  • Delay sending out policies
  • Retain renewal notices to prevent you obtaining quotes
  • Hide information just to get cheaper quotes
  • Offer poor cover insurance policies just to reduce prices
  • Hide behind a website with no personal service

For a house Insurance Quotation call us on 01388 607105 during office hours

Types of policyholders we can quote for.

  • UK residents and owners of property in Europe

  • New for old or accidental damage cover

  • All risks extensions to cover valuables away from home

  • Houses used as second or holiday homes, buy to let property and unoccupied property e.g. being renovated or to be sold

  • Unusual risks - properties that have had a history of subsidence

  • People who have had previous claims on their property.

Other types of insurance we can offer for homeowners - call 01388 607105

  • Home emergency cover

  • Personal Legal Expenses

  • Pet insurance - see link above

  • Caravan Insurance - see link above

  • Horse insurance - see link above

  • Extended warranties on electrical goods

  • Mortgage protection insurance - see link above.

We do NOT sell on price - (everyone else has the cheapest car insurance policy) - but if you have a claim you'll find the cover provided is well worth it.

Buy to let insurance and cheap single trip/ annual travel insurance is available from our home page.