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Expert Help Included

Travel and Holiday Insurance at Portwood's

What we can offer

What we don't do

  • A range of Insurance Companies
  • Free immediate online quotations 
  • Guaranteed accurate quotations
  • Purchase Online
  • Automatic quotes for annual policies
  • Quotes for any age up to 99 - single trip
  • Annual insurance policies up to 85
  • Fast policy issue and forward of documents
  • Renewals provided at least 21 days before expiry
  • Easy access to medical screening help lines.
  • Policies for GAP travel/ students

If you call us then we will also:

  • Make a full assessment of your needs
  • Make sure the policy is suitable for you.
  • Advice on any aspect of your insurance needs
  • Confirm cover for pre-existing conditions
  • Cut policy cover to reduce your premium
  • Automatically quote with high or hidden excesses
  • We guarantee you won't pay extra - subject to correct data entry
  • Use Call center staff who know F*** A*** about travel insurance
  • Impose High charges for administration/ cancellation
  • Hide costs in our insurance quotations
  • Delay sending out certificates
  • Hide exclusions in the policy about pre-existing medical conditions
  • Offer poor cover insurance policies just to reduce prices
  • Hide behind a website with no personal service

Beware of policies with high excesses - especially those who impose the excess per policy section per person. A family of 4 could easily have an excess of 400 if they all make a claim e.g. stolen luggage. Look out for our policies that offer an excess per person per event - with a maximum per family. Also check that the policy covers medical expenses following terrorism - many don't.

For an immediate online quote - click here

For advice about travel insurance call us on 01207 509446

Types of policyholders we can quote for 

  • Annual policies for people up to the age of 85 - online

  • Annual policies for up to 90 days a trip - online

  • Winter sports insurance - including off-piste - online but check policy wording

  • 'Dangerous Activities' - call us

  • Travel while pregnant - online quotes take this into account

  • Travel if already left the UK - online quotes take this into account

  • One-way travel - online quotes take this into account

  • Expatriate insurance - call us.

  • Medical Screening for pre-existing conditions - can be done online, by calling a dedicated phone number, or by calling  us - depends on the policy.

We do NOT sell on price - but if you have a claim you'll find the cover provided is well worth it.

Buy to let insurance and cheap single trip/ annual travel insurance is available from our home page.