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Cover and Sums Insured

You should insure for the cost of rebuilding the property (including architects fees and debris removal) - this could be much less (or more) than the market value. If cover is required for contents inside then you must insure for the cost of replacing all the contents. There is a maximum sum insured of 1,000,000 for the building and 150,000 for the contents. Although some guidelines are shown please refer to the policy for full details of cover, exclusions and limitations. If you insure your buildings for at least the sum suggested by SAGIC (ask for a house quote and enter property details to get a figure) then underwriters guarantee not to reduce a claim provided the correct sum insured does not exceed 115% of this amount. If you are used to just applying for bedroom-based policies with sums insured from 250,000 to 1,000,000 you may be surprised at the actual cover you need.

Postcode of property
Age of proposer (If more than one proposer then the older person)
Type of Property
Construction of Property
Sum Insured on Buildings
Sum Insured on Contents Valuables must not exceed 33% of total sum and no single valuable 5% or 5,000 whichever is less. (Valuables between 5,000 and 10,000 must be insured on personal possessions cover)
Professional alarm system?   The professional alarm system must be under maintenance - otherwise answer 'No'
Is accidental damage needed  
Years no claims on your own home.  
Standard Excess Required There is a standard 150 excess for escape of water and 1000 for subsidence. Increasing the standard excess to 250 will increase the escape of water excess to 250

Additional covers

The standard excess applies. This is 'all risks' cover.
Personal Possessions Non Electrical items - maximum single article limit 2,000.00
Covers valuables and portable electronic goods (if selected) in the home and outside (including 60 days worldwide cover) against accidental loss or damage. Items over 2,000 need to be specified and a receipt/ valuation provided. Description
Total Personal Possessions The maximum sum for all possessions (specified and unspecified) is 25,000.00
Money (No Excess)   Covers 300 money in the home and 400 abuse of credit cards - costs 4.24 (inc IPT)
Increased Frozen Food (No Excess)   Covers food in the freezer should it spoil due to certain failures of power supply. 300 cover is provided Automatically
Sports Equipment Standard excess applies : Includes 60 days worldwide cover : excludes breakage in use.
Pedal Cycles (up to 4) Description
Total Pedal Cycle Cover Standard excess applies : Indemnity cover only: Restricted to British Isles
Family Legal Expenses   See section 8 of the policy - additional premium = 18.00 Refer to wording re excesses.

(Quote assumes same no claims bonus on both buildings and contents and that the same excess is required)