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Personal Possessions Cover

The home contents insurance personal possessions section usually covers the following:-

  • Sudden and unexpected loss of or physical damage to the specified and unspecified items shown in the specification that are owned by you or your family for which you or they are responsible.

WOW! In effect this virtually means that the loss is covered UNLESS there is an exclusion

Exclusions on personal possessions cover

  • Theft from an unattended motor vehicle unless the vehicle is locked and the property hidden in a glove or storage compartment

  • Unauthorised use of a charge, credit card by you or member of your family

  • Theft of pedal cycles away from home if left unattended unless securely locked to a permanent structure or in a locked building

  • Theft of pedal cycle accessories unless the cycle is stolen at the same time

  • Loss or damage to

    • Sports equipment in use

    • contact lenses

    • pedal cycle while used for racing, pacemaking or trials

    • Household goods

    • Vehicles and craft

    • Deeds and documents

    • Documents and certificates showing ownership of shares, bonds and other financial investmetns

Limits of cover

As well as exclusions the section will have limits on the amount payable on any unspecified article and the total that may be claimed for unspecified articles. It is important therefore to have up to date valuations and ensure that any articles exceeding the policy limits are insured separately.

Examples of limits:-

  • �1,500 for any one item

  • �500 for any one pedal cycle

  • �500 for loss of money or unauthorised use of credit card

  • �3,00 for all possessions

This is a guide only. As is usual - refer to your own policy or ask your broker if you have any queries about the cover under your own policy.

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