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Home Buildings Insurance

The home buildings insurance section usually covers the following:-

  • Fire lightning explosion earthquake

  • Riot

  • Malicious Damage (not by you, tenants or paying guests)

  • Impact by aircraft, animals or vehicles

  • Storm or flood (not to fences, gates, hedges or railings)

  • Theft or attempted theft (not by deception)

  • Subsidence, ground heave or landslip (not coastal or river bank erosion, solid floor slabs, settlement, shrinkage, expansion, demolition, faulty workmanship or design)

  • Water leaking from fixed appliances, freezing or forcible and violent bursting

  • Falling trees or branches, lampposts or telegraph poles

  • Accidental damage of fixed glass, fixed sanitary ware, ceramic hobs in fixed kitchen furniture

  • Breakage or collapse of satellite, television- receiving or television aerials

  • Accidental damage to cables and underground pipes


  • Accidental damage to the buildings not caused by tenants or workmen


  • Your liability as OWNER of the buildings and land, but not as occupier

  • Prior ownership of property under the Defective Premises act 1972

  • Liability assumed under contract or injury to your family or damage to your own property is not covered.


  • The cost of reasonable alternative accommodation, ground rent or loss of rent due to you if the home be uninhabitable after an insured event

  • Replacing locks if keys lost or stolen (check your policy as some limit it to theft only)

  • Tracing Leaks in water pipes

  • Index linking - increase the sums insured each year

  • Selling your home - if you have contracted to sell your home at the time of the claim the buyer will have the benefit of the policy

This is a guide only. As is usual - refer to your own policy or ask your broker if you have any queries about the cover under your own policy.

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