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Home Insurance - legal expenses

A home insurance policy may offer a legal expenses section. Some brokers may sell add-on legal expenses insurance to their own home insurance policy when you may already have similar cover under your home insurance policy - or your home insurance policy can include it very cheaply.

Home insurance legal expenses cover.

Under a home insurance policy cover is provided normally for events in the UK, there is usually an excess. Not all eventualities are covered - usually in a personal capacity only, the following are examples

  • Death or bodily injury as a result of a sudden and specific event.

  • Medical treatment which causes death or injury

  • Breach of legal rights to owning or using your permanent home

  • An event that causes damage to your home or property in the home

  • Against your employer at a tribunal following breach of contract

  • Loss of money due to the way personal information is used or stored

  • Breach of contract for buying selling goods or services (including the home)

  • Defending your legal rights after any event that results in criminal proceedings relating to owning or using a motor vehicle

  • Representing you after a notice of enquiry by the Inland revenue under 9a Taxes Management Act 1970 (providing you keep to legal requirements for keeping records and returning forms)

Typical exclusions

  • The excess

  • Costs incurred before acceptance of claim

  • Costs not agreed

  • Death or injury arising from driving a motor vehicle

  • Property damage - mining and subsidence

  • Contracts less than 100, business activities, tenancy agreements

  • Fines and penalties

  • Redundancy pay

  • Disputes with local authority regarding use of, damage to or services provided

  • Disputes between you and Zurich, anyone living with you or with whom you have lived

  • Judicial reviews

  • Libel and slander

This is a guide only. As is usual - refer to your own policy or ask your broker if you have any queries about the cover under your own policy.

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