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Compare Landlord Insurance

Compare landlord insurance policies available at B Portwood & Co Ltd.

As an insurance broker, we have available a wide range of landlord insurance policies. This enables us to offer cheap landlord insurance for all areas of the UK from London to small villages. You may also obtain quotes for cheap unoccupied property insurance (whether to move in, sell, or let and including ongoing renovations), as well as insurance for holiday homes - whether to let out or for own use as a second home.

We can only quote for postcodes in the UK and Northern Ireland. In general these have the format:

  • "A1 1AA" - Birmingham (B), Edinburgh (E), Glasgow (G), London (N, W), Sheffield (S), Liverpool (L) and Manchester (M)

  • "A11 1AA" - as above.

  • "AA1 1AA" - Most other areas

  • "AA11 1AA" - Most other areas

  • "AA1A 1AA" - Some areas of central London e.g. SW1X

At this stage you only need enter the part of the postcode to the LEFT of the space e.g. If you were looking for Darlington (DL14 7EN) - our office, you need only enter 'DL14". The system will ask you to confirm the number of the inward half on the next page - we do not need the last two letters to provide quotes (although we will need them in some cases if there is flooding or subsidence in the area.)

  Outward part of Postcode

Duty of disclosure

Please read the duty of disclosure that applies to all non-consumer insurance contracts. If in doubt whether a fact is relevant it should be disclosed to us.

Unusual and non standard risks

Since we have a range of landlord insurance policies to compare we can approach underwriters and ask them to look specifically at risks that are outside the normal range of underwriting. This could include properties close to flood zones or that have suffered previous subsidence, properties of non standard construction etc.

More than one property?

We can provide online quotes for multiple properties - providing there are 5 or more. Our landlord portfolio insurance scheme can quote for any number of properties - with an easy cut and paste mechanism, saving the trouble of entering each property individually.