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Cheap Landlords Insurance

Want cheap landlords insurance? This landlords insurance is suitable for all types of tenants providing the buildings sum insured is less than 1,000,000 and the landlords contents sum insured less than 150,000. Higher sums insured are available. If the quote is acceptable, immediate cover can be arranged online.

Postcode of property

Additional Information

Type of Property

We are unable to accept houses converted into 5 or more flats.
Single Flat in a block of 5 or more purpose built flats
Single Flat in a block of up to 4 flats (Contents only)
Two or 3 flats in a block of up to 4 flats (to be referred)
Block of qualifying flats up to half empty e.g. 2/4
Block of qualifying flats more than half but < 75% empty
Block of qualifying flats >75% empty
Empty block of qualifying flats
Number of bedrooms (single property/ flat only)
Percentage flat roof. Up to 25%
Up to 50%
Up to 75%
Over 75%
Type of Tenant
Buildings Sum Insured
Contents Sum Insured
Alarm system?
Accidental damage?
Years no claims?
Excess Required
Legal Policy Required? If so how many tenancy agreements Standard (36.20 )
Tenancy Agreements

Unoccupancy Clause

Applies after the property is unoccupied for 31 days if the property is occupied at inception.) 
  1. Un-occupancy Clause
    1. YOU maintain YOUR central heating running at a temperature of no less than 13 degrees Celsius or the central heating system is fully drained, and
    2. YOUR front door is secured by a five lever mortice deadlock, and
    3. all opening windows in YOUR HOME are secured by key operated window locks, and
    4. YOUR HOME is visited by a responsible adult every week and a record kept
    WE agree that the exclusions of loss or damage occurring if YOUR HOME is left UNOCCUPIED other than in respect of CONTENTS in the Garden, shall not apply.